"without the foundation I feel insecure with a horse, I've seen people just ride on by that foundation, and most of them survive. If they get a horse and don't build on this foundation, then nothing will work at all. Then in order to survive they get rid of the horse"

    Tom Dorrance

I was born and lived in England for over 25 years, so I am very familiar with the traditional methods of training and riding horses. Moving to the United States 25 years ago I became interested in what is commonly referred to as natural horsemanship. Having  lived in California, Georgia and Virginia, as well as having attended numerous clinics and horse events across the country I have gained a wide and varied knowledge, from some of the top equine professionals.

I have owned and worked with some difficult horses and have had the greatest breakthroughs using a quiet but persistent method of training, Allowing plenty of time for the horse to soak on each new lesson is essential. I believe fear and intimidation have no place in the teaching of either horse or rider. I have experience with horses of all ages and breeds. My clientele varies from the first time trail rider to the 30 year dressage veteran.

My goal as a trainer is to teach and mold the horse, while educating and empowering the rider.