Are you new to horses, lack confidence or just want to improve your riding skills? Learning to ride with balance and feel will take you and your horse to new levels of enjoyment and success.  Whether you wish to learn something new or fix an old problem, riding instruction may be your answer.


Every horse benefits tremendously, from a great foundation. Many horses I have encountered  lack some of the most basic skills, which in turn make for a very frustrating conversation between horse and rider. All horses should have ground manners, lead well,  give to pressure and back up. They should be relaxed  under saddle and be comfortable and understand how to give to the bit.  When I restart a colt, I put tremendous emphasis on getting the foundation solid.


Invading your personal space, unwilling to stand for the farrier, walking off when being mounted, biting,

panicking when tied etc. The list of issues that can arise are wide and varied. However, with patience and clear communication,  horses will become willing participants in their education.


We have all seen it, half a dozen people trying to stuff an unwilling horse into a horse trailer. In only a short period of time most horses can learn how to load confidently into a trailer. When taught properly, your horse will load willingly each and every time.


If you find yourself unable to devote the necessary time needed for your green horse, it is unfair to expect a quick and correct response to your requests. Light hands, clear signals and plenty of time to work things out, enable your green horse to become the partner you seek.